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Custom & Unique {27mm} 15 Lot Pack, Mid-Size Super High Bouncy Balls, Made of Grade A+ Rebound Rubber w/ Bright Neon Abstract Rainbow Colorful Happy Smiling Expression Emoji Face Style (Multicolor)

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Price: $7.49

  • MATERIAL: These Bouncy Balls are made of Grade A+ Rebound Rubber. Rebound© Rubber is the best long lasting bouncy ball material available to this manufacturer! Rebound Rubber guarantees maximum bounce!
  • WARRANTY: These Bouncy Balls comes with a Lifetime Warranty that is guaranteed by the manufacturer!
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: These bouncy balls are made of non-toxic eco friendly materials and are are safe for all environments!
  • HOW HIGH DO THESE BALLS BOUNCE: The more force you put into your throw the higher these will bounce! These bouncy balls will EASILY go over 50 feet in the air! These bouncy balls do not have a height limit. The harder you throw them at the ground, the higher they go!
WHAT MAKES A BOUNCY BALL BOUNCE SO HIGH: Superballs are made of the material vulcanized polybutadiene. When Norman Stingley synthesized this compound in 1965, he gave it the flashy name Zectron. It’s the properties of this compound that make superballs super fun. Polybutadiene molecules are essentially long chains of thousands of carbon atoms. Like rubber bands, these chains are elastic and regain their original shape if stretched. When polybutadiene is heated at high pressure in the presence of sulfur, a chemical reaction called vulcanization occurs. The reaction causes sulfur atoms to forge connections between carbon chains creating a giant network. In other words, the sulfur atoms act as bridges. These bridges restrain the carbon strands from sliding past each other, making the material harder and more durable. Thus, when a superball bounces, its shape barely distorts. Tennis balls and racquetballs flex and compress a lot in comparison. Because the sulfur bridges limit how much a superball flexes, little energy of motion is expended to return the superball to its original shape. In fact, about 92% of a superball’s energy going into a bounce remains after the bounce. That’s why superballs can bounce so many times before stopping.
More Information
Brand mySimple Products
Binding Toy
Color Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black
Genre Creative
Label mySimple Products
Manufacturer mySimple Products
Manufacturer Minimum Age 36.00
Material Type Rubber
Package Quantity 25
Part Number mySimpleBouncyBall0000834
Product Group Toy
Product Type Name TOYS_AND_GAMES
Publisher mySimple Products
Size Mid-Size
Studio mySimple Products
Warranty Lifetime Warranty
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