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How We Secure & Protect Your Data

Data security is paramount to the online experience. In 2018 alone investments in information technology security are expected to reach nearly $100 billion dollars globally. We have joined this movement towards greater data security.

Businesses like ours that value their customers will ALWAYS go above and beyond basic requirements to ensure their customers digital data is vaulted, encrypted and stored securely.  Not only is it legally essential, we believe it is absolutely a moral imperative for our company to continuously invest in the most up to date security infrastructure our money can buy. Anything less than impeccable data protection is simply not acceptable. We want each and every customer that visits our site to shop with certainty and confidence. This is the least we can do for the patrons we serve each and every day. It’s that simple.

Common information that is shared with us when placing an order or opening an account can include names, addresses, emails, phone numbers and some basic payment details. Below are just some out of the MANY critical steps we have taken to protect and secure ALL information processed through mySimpleProducts.Shop.

  • HTTPS: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is the secure version of HTTP. This is the protocol over which information is transmitted between your browser and the website that you are linked to. The 'S' at the end of HTTPS stands for 'Secure'. This ‘S’ means all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted. Confidential information shared with our site and any online transactions that occur on or through mySimpleProducts.Shop are protected by HTTPS.
  • Password Hashing: Our customer's credentials are never stored in plain text in our database. This means we don't know our customer's passwords when logging in. This keeps your password secure.
  • No Logs: We do not store any logs about our customers or transactions, beyond what's needed to fulfill the order. This keeps your data safe and secure while using our site.
  • No Selling Data: We do not sell, lease or license our customers data with third parties. Unlike larger companies we value the privacy of our customers more than any potential profit it would generate from its sale.
  • Password Rotation: Our system enforces password rotation for our customers once every 90 days. This keeps our customers accounts secure and their passwords up to date while using our site.
  • Regular Updates: We perform regular updates to our systems. This keeps our database up to date and secure in the ever changing security threat the the internet presents.
  • 2 Step Authentication: We utilize 2-Step Authentication on our database that is used to store our employee, vendor and product information. This means that when employees are logging into our portal to perform their daily tasks they are required to enter a password and a code that is sent to their cell phone. This guarantees that no malicious third parties can compromise our systems. Keeping our sites secure and safe is one of our highest priorities.
  • Google reCAPTCHA: We utilize Google reCAPTCHA to ensure that bots and abusive automated software is not attempting to access our systems. This keeps your data and our data safe and secure during all attempted logins.