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Lifetime Warranty Program

One of the benefits of being a mySimple Products patron is knowing you’re protected, no matter what. Trust is one of the most important elements in forming any relationship. Whether that relationship is personal, professional or transactional, having confidence that you can trust the people you connect with goes a long way towards ensuring a positive interaction. We have made it our mission to guarantee that trust.

To prove to each and every customer they can trust our site, we have created a Lifetime Warranty Program unrivaled in its scope. Every single item on mySimpleProducts.Shop is covered by a comprehensive Lifetime Warranty, guaranteeing a free replacement for EVERY issue we cover!  Here at mySimple Products we guarantee your satisfaction. This program proves it. It’s that simple.

Let’s explore what our Lifetime Warranty program means for you;

What issues does our Lifetime Warranty cover?

  • Defective Products: If you receive an item that is defective upon its use, or becomes defective at any point in time, and that defect is NOT the result of natural wear and tear through normal use, negligence or misuse, and IS a result of manufacturing error, we will send you a free replacement upon return of the defective item/s to our return center. This includes products that do not operate as promised, or lose functionality over time unrelated to natural wear and tear, negligence or misuse.
  • Product Breakdown: If you purchased an item that breaks or becomes non-functional, and the issue is entirely unrelated to normal wear and tear or user negligence, you are covered by our Lifetime Warranty. We will send you a free replacement upon return of the defective item/s to our return center.

Expectations, Requirements & Rules:

  • Returning an Item: Once a Lifetime Warranty Application is submitted and granted by our Customer Relations team, you must package and return that item to our returns center at your own expense.
  • Our Process: Once we receive a returned item/s that was returned under a Lifetime Warranty Application, our Customer Relations team will review the product. This review will ensure that any claims made about the issues with the product fall under our Lifetime Warranty Policy and that the Lifetime Warranty Application was filed appropriately. If all claims made under a viable Lifetime Warranty Application are found to be accurate, your Lifetime Warranty Application will be granted.
  • Your Replacement: Under an approved Lifetime Warranty Application you will receive 1 free replacement of the item originally ordered. You will be informed of the delivery time for your replacement 48 business hours after approval. If we no longer sell the item you are filing a Lifetime Warranty Application for, you may choose 1 item of equal or lesser value from our inventory. This includes the cost of shipping.
  • Rejected Applications: Upon delivery of your item returned under a Lifetime Warranty Application, if our Customer Relations team finds that the application was filed under false pretenses, i.e., we find that the product became defective through negligence rather than a manufacturer defect, we reserve the right to reject the Lifetime Warranty Application and either return the product to the customer, or dispose of it properly, upon approval from the customer on which option they would prefer. A customer has 14 days to approve either having the product returned to them, or having it properly disposed of when informed of a Lifetime Warranty Application being rejected. If we do not receive a response within 72 hours we will properly dispose of the items.

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns about our Lifetime Warranty Program you may send an email to our Customer Relations team at Support@mySimpleProducts.Shop.